The Baltimore Riots: Where the State Is The Insurgency

Originally published on May 5, 2015 on, here.

Things are moving pretty fast in Baltimore. Three weeks ago Baltimore was just another American city, bustling beneath the radar of national attention. Freddie Gray died in police custody on April 12, and here we are in the first days of May and we’ve already witnessed rioting, the swift arrest of six Baltimore police officers, and a triumphant victory rally.

There are still so many unanswered questions and conflicting information regarding the death of Freddie Gray that I find this topic very hard to write about. I’m not one who likes to eat crow unless I have to, so I won’t be discussing the actual incident. However, there is no shortage of people who apparently have no problem organizing, demanding, rioting, assaulting, and burning buildings without any necessary information.

On rioting

Boston Tea PartyWhen it comes to rioting, I have to be honest, rioting and violence have their place in society. It shouldn’t be hard to admit that violence is sometimes the answer. It just so happens that the climate of injustice is not hot enough yet for me to start breaking windows and setting fires.  However, it’s getting warmer every year and if things continue as they have, today’s rioters will be tomorrow’s purveyors of peace.

And that’s what it comes down to. It’s all relative. It’s foolish when people who simply understand the effectiveness of a riot find camaraderie with rioters only because they riot. Equally foolish are those who condemn all rioting only because they don’t agree with a riot’s present cause.

The argument that Baltimore rioters are only hurting their own neighborhood can go either way.  On one hand, as a rightist if we were to riot, I can guarantee you that we would take the fight directly to enemy territory because we actually have stakes in our own community.  We own property, take pride in our property, and have a sense of preserving it because we built it  – it has value to us. Continue reading “The Baltimore Riots: Where the State Is The Insurgency”

Dear Libertarians, Start Protecting Your Way Of Life Or Get Out Of Our Way

After America’s silent majority bore witness to a year of racist Black Lives Matter power grabs and persuasive phantom poop swastikas, a right-wing victory in the White House is practically a guarantee.  But what will that mean for local law enforcement as the left loses power?

If you think the mob violence and student led mob rule is bad now while Obama holds office, wait until you see what the tribalists and their leftist handlers have up their sleeves after a white conservative male is president again.

These are backwards times.  Who could have guessed that after America elected its first black president that many black Americans would suddenly pretend it was 1963 again to battle imaginary Jim Crow struggles like in Missouri?  A newly elected white president might trigger them to pretend it’s 1863 again to fight against imaginary slavery.  Who knows what will happen then. Continue reading “Dear Libertarians, Start Protecting Your Way Of Life Or Get Out Of Our Way”

Could the Police Collective Become Politically Conscious and Politically Active?

St. Louis residents are protesting the death of a black suspect that pointed a gun at police officers. Absurd, I know – but what hasn’t been absurd over the last year?  The world has gone mad and cops aren’t the only ones who’ve felt the pain; all reasonable Americans have paid a price.

It’s time we stop pointing out absurdity and then simply scoff at it. We need to stop pretending to be dumbfounded when groups act irrationally. We know all the problems that we are facing, there is no longer any need to rationalize our anger and outrage – it’s all justified.

We need to take the next step and start figuring out what we are going to do about it. Are we just going to gripe about it on Facebook? That’ll show them. Are we going to continue to dance with kids on YouTube and grovel for understanding?

As cops, we ARE a collective whether you like it or not; a powerful, well-armed, well-trained, and moral collective (a good collective). Continue reading “Could the Police Collective Become Politically Conscious and Politically Active?”

A Challenge For Enlightened Liberals To Join Police Ranks

I was browsing through my Twitter feed today and came across a Tweet by Emily Miller, the super hot lady of pro-2A fame, author and Fox DC reporter. She was reporting on the DC Police shooting where a woman with a knife had been shot (not killed), and someone sent her a tweet asking the famous “why don’t police aim for a leg” question. She then posted his question to her readers:


How many times have cops had to answer this ridiculous question, and how many more times are we going to have to answer it?

Here’s the problem.  Have any of you ever noticed that the most brainless people, the ones most topic-ignorant, are the ones who are most vocal?  Cops know this.  Many factual discussions with street urchins result in loud shouting matches where people tell you the “facts” and their “rights.”  Once you decide you no longer wish to debate with them, they declare victory, often while in cuffs and stating their rights are violated.  Such is the nature of liberal debate.  A classic example of the “throw bullshit against the wall until people can’t remain in the room” debate tactic is Mother Jones.  (What conservative person has the free time on their hands to wade through all that horse crap in order to refute it?  We have jobs and actual families.  But I digress…)

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HuffPo Welcomes the Shrug of Law Enforcement While People Die

The Shrug of Law Enforcement

The Huffington Post published an article recently from one of their “enlightened” staff who proposed that police departments should be run like fire departments – and it wasn’t satire.  Here’s the link to the article.

In the article, author Tom Mullen said,

We don’t need police officers out patrolling the streets. Fire Departments have proven we can achieve emergency response in minutes without that. There is no reason police departments can’t operate the same way.

Stationing policemen like firemen could make some sense if crime were accidental like fires are. Firefighters don’t need to patrol for fires because a fire doesn’t decide to ignite when nobody is watching.  Fire doesn’t organize into syndicated blazes that terrorize a city.  Fire doesn’t swivel its head on the lookout for firemen before it choses its next victim.  If fire acted like a calculating human criminal, then firemen would need to be on patrol just like cops, equipped with firehose cams of course.

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Street Cops Are From Mars, Command Officers Are From Venus

I must admit, I found it rather amusing when Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake fired Police Commissioner Anthony Batts after officers on Baltimore PD were standing down and letting things run their course. Batts was a prime torch-bearer for Her Honor’s lunacy at the height of the time when the officers and public needed a strong guiding force. He was as outmatched by common street thugs as she was, and the city paid dearly for it. I’m sure Batts will find another city to grace with his presence, but his legacy will be one of failure.

These command officers are politicians, as much as their elected political masters. What they are not – are police officers. They’re typically leftists, Democrats, and/or apologists. They are the antithesis of the grizzled warrior cop who actually solves street crime. And they are frequently impediments to the crime fighting process.

It’s just not uncommon at all for command officers to be so clueless, but rarely are they in a position to fail as spectacularly as Batts did. So their smaller failures are covered up by other politicians, excuses made or simply favors called in.

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