Why I Support Donald Trump Over Ted Cruz

Trump ignites the right. He arouses people.
Trump’s critics will argue, however, that saying what people want to hear isn’t enough and that Ted Cruz is a man with a plan. But Cruz’s plan, no matter how sophisticated, is only the plan of one man. Trump inspires the masses of the right-wing. Inspiring YOU is his plan. That is what a good populist does.
Donald Trump: “My special interest group is the American people.”
A few days ago, Black Lives Matter protestors interrupted a speech at Rutgers University in their usual 1968 cosplay fashion by causing a scene and throwing their pampered fists in the air.  But how did the opposition to them respond and eventually drive them out of the meeting with their tails between their legs? By chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump!” Watch the inspiring video, here.
Do you see Trump’s plan in action now?  You are his plan.  Inspiring you to fight back is his plan.  He doesn’t need a bill, or need to consult the Constitution to enact this plan.  Trump’s plan entails anything you are brave enough to stand up to.
To put the plan of one man (Cruz) and the plan of many (Trump) into perspective, consider what Ted Cruz’s plan for Black Lives Matter could even be?  What bill can Cruz sign or Constitutional preservation can he ensure that will prevent your universities and institutions from being destroyed and bullied by the leftist collective?  Other than appoint Glenn Beck as his Attorney General and then love the enemy into defeat, what other plan could he have? Maybe he thinks lower taxes and less government intrusion will make them go away. Do you?
The Rutger students who defeated the BLM protestors turned to the first thing that gave them the power to fight back, and it worked. But it wasn’t the idea of Donald Trump himself that ran the protestors off or a policy he put into place—it was the unity and passion of the students who had the courage to stand up for once—and it was inspired by Trump.  
Ted Cruz appears to be a good man, but he could never inspire that kind of energy to fight back.  I’ve found that those who support Cruz want him to win so they can ignore politics again and leave their exhaustive posts.  They want to feel safe that a good man will be in office who will protect the Constitution and slow down the progressives.  They want Cruz to take over their watch.  
Trump supporters on the other hand want to fight. They seek restoration, not conservatism and they want to be involved.  They aren’t content with conserving the rubble of progressives any longer.
A Ted Cruz victory for the White House will certainly swing that same old rusty political pendulum back to the right, but a trump victory will tear it down from its pivot.

Dear Libertarians, Start Protecting Your Way Of Life Or Get Out Of Our Way

After America’s silent majority bore witness to a year of racist Black Lives Matter power grabs and persuasive phantom poop swastikas, a right-wing victory in the White House is practically a guarantee.  But what will that mean for local law enforcement as the left loses power?

If you think the mob violence and student led mob rule is bad now while Obama holds office, wait until you see what the tribalists and their leftist handlers have up their sleeves after a white conservative male is president again.

These are backwards times.  Who could have guessed that after America elected its first black president that many black Americans would suddenly pretend it was 1963 again to battle imaginary Jim Crow struggles like in Missouri?  A newly elected white president might trigger them to pretend it’s 1863 again to fight against imaginary slavery.  Who knows what will happen then. Continue reading “Dear Libertarians, Start Protecting Your Way Of Life Or Get Out Of Our Way”

From a Cop: How I Would Handle Flag Burners

I’m sure most of you have seen the picture of the protestors in McKinney, Texas who were burning the American flag because a white cop performed a standard takedown of a disorderly black teenager.  If not, here it is:


First of all, they are ONLY burning the flag to get YOU angry.  Just like that social media fad where people were stomping on the flag – it’s nothing more than to provoke a rise out of you – so let me attempt to help you lower your blood pressure a bit and avoid giving them the satisfaction of watching you huff and puff online or otherwise.

Here’s what I would do if I saw them burning the flag:

I’d run over there and snatch it out of their hand and say, “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?  You have no right to do this!”

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Orange County Virginia Schools Celebrate Black History With Victimhood and Anti-Police Lies

Imagine you are a police officer – for most of you that will not be hard.  Your eight year old daughter who is in third grade tells you that she is going to sing in a black history performance that is being put on by the high school in your local school district.  Tolerant and respectful of other cultures, you share in your child’s excitement of her chance to perform for a good cause.

She is a member of her elementary school choir and their contribution to the performance is to sing a Motown Medley of three songs.  Who doesn’t like Motown?  It sounds like a good idea and you gladly sign the permission slip that lays out the practices and rehearsals that she is required to attend and the avenues of her transportation.

Permission slip
Permission slip

After a few weeks and some rehearsing, the big day has arrived.  Although you are unable to attend, your wife will be there at the performance to support your daughter and enjoy the show.  But as your wife walks in the door, this is what she sees:

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Is Nostalgic Patriotism The Problem With Conservative America?

Originally published on November 9, 2014 on returnofkings.com, here.

Patriotic, conservative Americans have had a rough few years. There is no question that progressivism has marched over traditional conservatism and caused so many to ask, “What happened to America?” It’s a crucial question that has been reduced to an exasperation and is often followed by a roll of the eyes or a shrug. Often, it concludes another discussion had by conservatives, scratching their heads at their dispossession and sighing at the futility to fight it.

So what did happen? In my opinion, the prosperity experienced after World War II provided a warm and cozy environment for progressive bacteria to grow and their ideas to spread, as the “greatest generation” eventually allowed their own children to undermine all that they had bled and died for. The shimmer of America’s golden age was too bright for many baby boomers who made concentrated efforts to dim it—and succeeded.

The revolutionaries of the sixties never officially revolted. They never took up arms and invaded the courthouses across America. They never rose up the workers to overtake the White House. They never got to plant their new flag on the Capitol building. They didn’t have to—they just took possession of our flag.

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A Cop’s Opinion on The School to Prison Pipeline Theory

Like many cops, my wife is a teacher. The other day I was passing through our kitchen and a piece of mail caught my attention. It was the Winter 2015 edition of my wife’s NEA Today newsletter publication and the main story on the front page was entitled, “The School To Prison Pipeline – Time to Shut it Down.”

I remember thinking that I’ve heard of the school-to-prison pipeline phrase before, but I could not remember where.

The cover photo was of an empty school bus with its doors swung open. Behind the bus in the background was a prison, enclosed by a frightening barbed wire fence with a watchful guard tower that reached up menacingly into a sad, empty gray sky.


The wide open doors of the school bus implied that it recently dropped off some unfortunate students to the chilling penitentiary. It was an emotive, dreary scene and it got my attention – so I turned to page 42 like it implored me to do.

The NEA is the National Education Association. It is the largest labor union in the United States and it represents public school teachers along with other staff. It’s the FOP for teachers, but much more politically active. Where you hear very little from the National FOP on social issues, the NEA doesn’t hesitate to speak out and collaborate with countless leftist social organizations to address perceived injustices.

What is the School-To-Prison Pipeline?

The school-to-prison pipeline is a theory that suggests children are being pushed out of the school system and into the criminal justice system thanks to zero-tolerance policies and the overuse of police officers in schools.

I can certainly understand where this theory comes from. During my twelve years of patrol experience, six years were spent on second shift. I have had a great deal of experience responding to schools at the request of school staff who needed help with misbehaving students.

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