Why I Support Donald Trump Over Ted Cruz

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Trump ignites the right. He arouses people.
Trump’s critics will argue, however, that saying what people want to hear isn’t enough and that Ted Cruz is a man with a plan. But Cruz’s plan, no matter how sophisticated, is only the plan of one man. Trump inspires the masses of the right-wing. Inspiring YOU is his plan. That is what a good populist does.
Donald Trump: “My special interest group is the American people.”
A few days ago, Black Lives Matter protestors interrupted a speech at Rutgers University in their usual 1968 cosplay fashion by causing a scene and throwing their pampered fists in the air.  But how did the opposition to them respond and eventually drive them out of the meeting with their tails between their legs? By chanting, “Trump, Trump, Trump!” Watch the inspiring video, here.
Do you see Trump’s plan in action now?  You are his plan.  Inspiring you to fight back is his plan.  He doesn’t need a bill, or need to consult the Constitution to enact this plan.  Trump’s plan entails anything you are brave enough to stand up to.
To put the plan of one man (Cruz) and the plan of many (Trump) into perspective, consider what Ted Cruz’s plan for Black Lives Matter could even be?  What bill can Cruz sign or Constitutional preservation can he ensure that will prevent your universities and institutions from being destroyed and bullied by the leftist collective?  Other than appoint Glenn Beck as his Attorney General and then love the enemy into defeat, what other plan could he have? Maybe he thinks lower taxes and less government intrusion will make them go away. Do you?
The Rutger students who defeated the BLM protestors turned to the first thing that gave them the power to fight back, and it worked. But it wasn’t the idea of Donald Trump himself that ran the protestors off or a policy he put into place—it was the unity and passion of the students who had the courage to stand up for once—and it was inspired by Trump.  
Ted Cruz appears to be a good man, but he could never inspire that kind of energy to fight back.  I’ve found that those who support Cruz want him to win so they can ignore politics again and leave their exhaustive posts.  They want to feel safe that a good man will be in office who will protect the Constitution and slow down the progressives.  They want Cruz to take over their watch.  
Trump supporters on the other hand want to fight. They seek restoration, not conservatism and they want to be involved.  They aren’t content with conserving the rubble of progressives any longer.
A Ted Cruz victory for the White House will certainly swing that same old rusty political pendulum back to the right, but a trump victory will tear it down from its pivot.

Henry Calgues

Henry Calgues

Henry Calgues is the new pseudonym for "Anonymous Cop."
Henry Calgues